“We design and deliver Fun, effective and meaningful team building solutions for Companies and Teams”


Our unique ‘experiences’ create opportunity for enjoyment, reflection, clarity and insight, which enables individuals and teams to change, improve and grow.


How we roll with ‘companies and teams’

We have a unique approach and proven process’s that work a treat with motivating, engaging and ‘getting buy in’ from participants.


Our facilitators are skilled, experienced, flexible in approach and able to read and respond to the needs of the group.   


They have fun, keep it simple, aren’t afraid of asking the ‘hard’ questions, encourage full participation and keep the team focused on addressing the issues at hand.


We aren’t into rocket science, rather we like to remind folk of the basics, the proven principles that when continually applied can and will make a significant difference - individually and collectively.  


The concepts we use are relevant, meaningful and applicable to variety of areas in everyday work and life. 


This all means that people buy in to the programmes we offer, they ‘get it’ and are motivated to apply it – professionally and personally.




Programme Outcomes are discussed and clarified to match with the specific needs of your team.  They tend to generally revolve around Fun, Adventure, Learning and Reward, and more specifically can include:

  • Tighter team cohesiveness

  • Strengthened relations and trust

  • Increased awareness of self and others 

  • Improved communicating 

  • Personal Responsibility

  • Team commitment and accountability



We deliver great results across a broad range of outcomes from conflict resolution workshops through to a rewarding team celebration. 


We offer

Energising Workshops - at our place, your place or their place.

Experiential Team Building – hands on team learning in an outdoor setting near you​

Team Adventures – fun individual and team challenges at one of wilderness venues