"People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built.'" 
 - Eleanor Roosevelt


Current 2020 Products

We offer three different Programme Options depending on your needs, budgets and timeframes. These are proven products. Programmes that we have run many hundreds of times with thousands of students. We use specific formula which includes a structured progression and lesson plan.  We achieve specified and pre determined outcomes and students receive a generic guide book. We do modify the match the genre of delivery to participant age to ensure relevance. Select on of our programmes to enquire.

Getting Wired for the top 20% and NCEA   |   Sorting your Leadership Philosophy   |   Making IT Happen 



Customised Programmes

What are these?

Customised programmes are designed to address your specific requirements and objectives. They target specific behavioural, attitudinal, performance, attendance or achievement issues.


Specific Needs

Understanding your requirements, and clarifying and distilling the purpose and specific outcomes of our programme will usually involve meetings and discussion with form teacher’s and year level Dean’s.  

These programmes are often delivered over a period of many months and/or year levels.



Will often involve a mixture of experiential and/or adventure based learning as well as a number of our existing presentation modules.  We have a number of existing activity and presentation models and metaphors to strengthen tailored programmes. Details on these can be discussed during a meeting or phone call. Sample modules include:


Goal Setting and Goal Getting.

Herd Mentality and Resisting Peer Pressure.

Soaring with the eagles (and not hanging with turkeys) – peer group influence.

Courage zone – finding the courage to do the right thing.

Above and below the line – personal responsibility, and making it happen. 

Overcoming roadblocks to success.

Strengthening the perseverance muscle.

Power of perspective and results from how you choose to ‘see’.

Power of thought and results from how you chose to ‘think’.  

Heart to heart conflict resolution.

Making myself understood – effective communicating.

Now I get you – active listening.


Working Together 

Because of the significant time investment required to not only fully understand your requirements, but also the culture of the school, wider year level issues and the ‘space’ of the target group and the length of programme delivery, we tend to view these programmes as partnerships – longer term mutually beneficial relationships.



Benefit of this style of programme:

Can be especially designed to target and address specific issues and outcomes.

Can dove tail in with existing programmes and other providers.

Can lead to longer integrated programmes.

Leadership Retreats

Based at one of our or your camp facilities in Canterbury.  Select to enquiry about one of our existing 1-3 day programmes:


Sorting your Leadership Philosophy    |     Getting wired for the top 20%

Or, with one of our facilitators enquire to co-create your own programme to match specific requirements.

There are a number of experiential and adventure based activity options depending on location, budget and specific outcomes.